10 Famous Local Vegetarian Dishes of City of Nawab 'Lucknow'

Lucknow Dishes
14 July, 2018

10 Famous Local Vegetarian Dishes of City of Nawab 'Lucknow'

by DineOut Restaurant | 14 July, 2018 | Cooking, Food |

If you are here in Lucknow, we must say that your taste buds are going to be the happiest because the city has a lot to offer. Seeing the options that it gives to you, calling it foodie’s paradise would be absolutely apt. Whether you want a filling and delectable breakfast or highly palatable dinner, the city will never disappoint you.

Some of the local vegetarian dishes that top restaurant Indira Nagar, Lucknow offers are so good that their tastes linger on your tongue for a lifetime. Here are top 10 picks of local vegetation dishes that Lucknow offers to you.

1. Paneer Lahori

Offered by Dine Out, the top restro in Indiranager, Lucknow, this vegetarian dish is a must try for every foodie. Each bite will fill your mouth with delectable spices. The aroma is equally tempting. As Lucknow is famed for its Awadhi cuisine, this dish also has some elements of it. More than 20 spices are used while preparing this dish. Try it once and we are sure that its taste will call you again and again. This cold-treat is indeed a must-try. Made form full-cream milk, the taste will linger on your tongue for long.

2. Tokri Chaat

There is hardly any soul which doesn't like chaat and street food. Lucknow gains an upper edge in this category as well. The tokri chaat is highly mouth-watering and a must-try for all. You will get tempted by its unique presentation. The aloo-made tokri is filled with spicy potatoes, curd, peanuts and anything which can get in. while the crunch of the deep-fried tokri will make you munch over it, the spicy chaat will totally blow up your mind with its flavor.

3. Veg Hydrabadi Biryani

How can we miss biryani when we talk about Lucknow’s food? This most famed and most loved delicacy at top restaurant Indira Nagar, Lucknow is a must-have when you are suffering from serious hank pangs. It is more than a delicacy. It is a platter of spices and flavor.

4. Pani Ka Batasha & Dahi Batasha

Another treat for the street food lover, pani ka batasha has many names. Golgappe, Pani-puri, Gupchup or Puchka - no matter what you call them, they are super delicious and hard to resist. A round puri filled with spicy water burst into your mouth and filled it with tons of flavors. But eating this requires special skills. The whole batasha should go in your mouth in one go. Interesting!! Those who are not good at it can go for Dahi Batasha.

5. Harabhara kabab

Do you think that in Lucknow, you can only get meat kababs? Then come to Dine Out. We will serve you with crispy, crunchy and healthy, Harabhara kabab. Taste it once and you will get to know by your own.

6. Malai ki Gilori

Satisfy your craving for sweets with Malai ki Gilori. This unique and delicious sweet dish is a must-have in Lucknow. The sweet is so soft that it will melt in your mouth the moment you will put it inside. It is basically the few layers of malai (milk cream), wrapped over each over.

7. Kesar milk

What could be more refreshing than having a hot glass of Kesar milk in the morning? Kesar milk is indeed the best way to start your day.

8. Pyaj Paratha

Filled with spicy onion, Pyaj paratha is the best match for your tasty gravy.

9. Prakash Kulfi

This cold-treat is indeed a must-try. Made form full-cream milk, the taste will linger on your tongue for long.

10. Delux Thali

Have it when you want so many flavors in one platter. This Delux Thali gives you an opportunity to relish over so many dishes at the same time.

Loved these dishes, right?

Do not forget to try these, whenever you are visiting our top restro in Indranager Lucknow.