A Guide to Lucknow for Pure Vegetarians: Where and What to Eat

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24 Jun, 2018

A Guide to Lucknow for Pure Vegetarians: Where and What to Eat

by DineOut Restaurant | 24 June, 2018 | Cooking, Food |

Lucknow, the city of Nawab is known for its ethnicity, sumptuous food, amazing hospitality and glorious culture. Whenever we talk about the food of Lucknow, Mughal cuisines are the one which comes to our mind. You can easily find a non-vegetarian restaurant in every nook and corner of the city. Well, the Mughal influence takes the credit for it. But not everyone in the city loves to munch over the flesh and meat. Some find their solace in green veggies and salad as well served at the top restaurant in Indra Nagar, Lucknow.

The city has no dearth of vegetarian food provided you pick the right place. Are you a vegetarian who is looking for good dine out options in Lucknow?

If yes, then this article is just for you.

Why should a vegetarian go to a Pure-Vegetarian restaurant only?

First things first - Being a vegetarian, you might not like sharing a table with a meat-eater.

When you choose to dine in at a place which serves both non-vegetarians and vegetarian food in a single area, chances are high that you hardly enjoy your meal completely. Many vegetarian people don’t like the smell of the meaty food which will put you off if you go to a mixed-restaurant. Also, such restaurants use same utensils for cooking both type of foods.

Do you know that the restaurant which serves non-vegetarian and vegetarian food use the same utensils to cook Chicken Masala and Shahi Paneer?

Though there is nothing wrong with it but a vegetarian might not find it an easy-to-gasp fact. We all have our own eating preferences and every preference is right at its place. For vegetarian people, this type of sharing cooking doesn’t work actually.

So, what is the way out?

Well, there are people who care for all the preferences of pure vegetarians and you can find them only at Dine Out, the top restaurant in Indra Nagar Lucknow. It is known to serve only lip-smacking and sumptuous vegetarian cuisines and world-class ambiance which allows you to enjoy your meal without thinking about anything else.

Being a pure vegetarian and top restro in Indra Nagar Lucknow, all the cuisine served here are prepared with fresh and food-grade ingredients. It is indeed a paradise for an exclusively vegetarian diner. When you choose this for your romantic dinner and luxurious lunch, you are going to get a mollycoddle service. The ambiance makes your evening more special.

What to eat?

Well, with Dine Out, you have a compressive list to choose from. Staring from starters to the main course, they serve all. Needless to say, all the dishes are equally scrumptious and full of flavor.

The menu of this top restro in Indra Nagar, Lucknow is very vast and full of variety. You will have sumptuous snacks, appetizing soups, healthy juices, nutritious breakfast, tasty main course and many more dishes right at your table.

We have picked few must haves’ of this one-of-its-kind restaurant that every vegetarian should try.

Deluxe Thali

An assorted Deluxe Thali is something that you should not miss. If you are looking for the variety of food then this is heaven for you. You will get 2-3 types of curry, roti, and rice, sweets and raita at a cheap to run price. The magnetic ambiance is on the house.

Paneer Lahori with Butter Naan

Get a platter full of flavor with PaneerLahori. Its succulent preparation and aroma are highly tempting.

Chinese Combo

Serve your taste-bud some international taste with the Chinese Combo of the restaurant. Choose from Chili Garlic Fried Rice, Bun Chili Rice, Beijing Rice and Malaysian Noodle Rice and have a delightful dining experience.

South Indian Platter

Well, the restaurant serves you the delicacies of South India at the heart of North. All those tasty Sambar- Vada, Dosa, and Idli are available here.

Apart from this mainstream food, we have dozens of unique and delicious dishes, ready to serve in your platter. Check out our menu for more.