5 super-scrumptious Veg Lucknawi Dishes and Where to try them?

5 Lucknow Dishes
24 May, 2018

5 super-scrumptious Veg Lucknawi Dishes and Where to try them?

by DineOut Restaurant | 24 May, 2018 | Cooking, Food |

Lucknow, the city of Nawabs, offers the best of Indian eateries. Foodies’ favorite junction, Lucknow offers the variety of delicious ranging from veg to non-veg to state specialty. However, you can find every dish with an enhanced flavor giving it a new zest.

If you will be in Lucknow in coming days or are already there, you must be willing to know what to try. There are top restro in Indra Nagar Lucknow where you can find quality food with remarkable hospitality and our restaurant is one of these. What makes us unique is – We are a pure vegetarian restaurant and believe in serving super-delicious veg food in Lucknow style.

Our suggestions for your palate are:

1. Paneer Lahori

Paneer Lahori is sort of blend of flavors containing creamy and glutinous gravy. You can have it with naan or roti. The perfect combination of seasonings blended with the base of onion-tomato with paneer makes it super scrumptious. To satisfy every party craving or serve your guest or any other function, it would be a perfect dish for occasions. Garnishing with ghee and serving it afterward would enhance is taste.

2. Mix Jalfrezi

Perfect for supper, the mix Jalfrezi is a blend of multiple spices and vegetables. Easy to cook, this recipe can make you salivate. It is suitable for every party occasion. The dish can be given several variant tastes by adding chilli powder ginger-garlic paste tomato puree and shallots. Garnish it with Paneer cubes to enrich its taste. Treat your guest with super scrumptious spicy, tangy mix jalfrezi for a healthy and delicious dining. You came take them to our top restro in Indra nagar lucknow.

3. Maysur Bada

The delicacy of Mysore prepared with a Lucknow touch would perk up its essence to a perfect dining selection. Maysur Bada, the popular snacks made of black urad dal are round crispy and soft fritters. Hewn with Lucknow touch, its taste elevates to excellence and makes it a perfect eatery. The fluffy round balls are taken with coconut soup to add taste.

4. Navratan Korma

Garnished with nuts, cheese and paneer it not only tastes awesome but looks delicious. It can have nine delectable veggies to add-on its taste. The scrumptious dish with blended with intense gravy savoring with cashew paste. Complemented with pineapple fruits, its taste sweetens and gives it a tongue delighting flavor. It goes well with rice and chapatti. Why don’t you come to Dine Out and try it on your own? We are one of the top restraurant in Indra nagar lucknow and we serve pure veg food only.

5. Mushroom Baby Corn Masala

The delectable assortment of mushroom and baby corn sprinkled with cashew nuts taste amazing. The rich creamy dish prepared with mushroom baby corn and capsicum tastes sweet and spicy. To give it a smoky flavor its masala is roasted and then added with fried veggies. It relished with poppy seeds, cloves, cinnamon, cumin seeds, coriander powder, and other spices and goes best with steamed rice and chapatti. Treat your guests with this delicious eatable to give them a memorable time.

6. Veg Jaipuri

One of the most flavorsome palatable relished in Lukhnawi jayka!

Prepared using a multiplicity of fresh chopped veggies furnished with authentic Rajasthani gravy gives it a refined savor. Gravy decides the taste of the dish. Garnished with coriander leaves and paneer makes it presentable.

When it comes to general restaurants, they serve two types of vegetarian eatables, i.e. mix veg or anything blended with paneer. These tasty eatables are not found often or people don’t have any sense of giving it a delectable taste. You can get all these dishes at DineOut, a fine veg dining option and top restaurant in Indra Nagar Lucknow, renowned for their delicious taste and excellent hospitality. They also have arrangements for Theme Based Parties, Birthdays, Corporate, Kitty, Buffet, College, Music, and Fun.